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Chantal Poullain - Actress

Czech audience could see Mrs. Chantal Pouillain in a number of films, theatre plays and on TV. For example as an unforgettable queen in the movie called “Joker and the queen”. Today you can see her in Ungelt theatre in the centre of Prague. This charming French lady has been living in the Czech Republic for 20 years. Chantal is also active in the charitable field. Back in 1993, she established a charitable organization called Archa Chantal.

I believe that everyone has the right to show its views and feelings in its photographs, paintings or poetry and I admire everyone who has the courage to do so. In my opinion there are a number of talented non-professional artists, who may not have graduated in arts, but still, talents should be developed and supported. Talents cannot be learned at any school.

Kateřina Pospíšilová - Vicemiss of the Czech Republic 2006 Beauty Pageant

Katerina graduated from the Drama department of the prestigious Prague Conservatory. Her extensive acting career includes parts in Czech and foreign film and theatre productions. Since her very youth, her hobbies were mainly ballet, dance, singing and playing musical instruments. On her list of personal successes she puts the possibility to sing at the Carnegie Hall in NYC, winning the Czech Championship of tap-dance groups and recently her success at the Miss Czech Republic 2006 Beauty pageant. Thanks to the Vicemiss title, she will represent the Czech Republic at the Miss International Beauty pageant in Japan and China later this year.

Katerina signed up for the Czech Beauty pageant with a clear idea on her mind – to help young Czech artists succeed not only at their own country but also abroad. This is why she fully supports the e-moc-e project.

Milan Deutsch

Arts of different kinds is his hobby. Milan started drawing, paining and writing poetry in his childhood. In 2004 he held photo exhibition called Malaysia, truly colourfur Asia in Jindrisska vez, Prague. Funds raised by this exhibition were given to the Prague ZOO for breeding of endangered turtles. A year later, he held another exhibition of a similar kind, called miss Venezuela, at Kotva, Prague. Project e-moc-e was born in May 2006.


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